Monday 08.13.12 Brooklyn Raga Massive Jam Session - Raga Musicians gather for informal impromptu short performances of Indian Classical Music in the format of the American Jazz Jam Session 8pm till ?

The Brooklyn Raga Massive Jam will be a monthly event, where Indian Classical Music can gather for informal performances in the Jazz Jam Session style. There will be a host for the event, who will manage a sign-up list which will have name, instrument, experience level, and contact info listed. Although Indian Classical Music typically has performances lasting 40+ minutes for one piece, the performance slots for the Raga Jam will be limited to max 20 minutes (for an experienced performer) to encourage a rotating roster of performers.

Brooklyn Raga Massive Jam

Host-Sameer Gupta (Tabla)

Time - 8pm - 11pm (or later)

Location - Branded Saloon, Prospect Heights - Prospect Heights has the unique privilege of being home to several very well known members of the Indian Classical Music community. Arun Ramamurthy
( Eric Fraser (, Dan
Weiss ( and Sameer Gupta
( all live within 3 blocks of the Branded Saloon.

The American Jazz Jam session has historically been a way for musicians to meet, network, play music together and cultivate community. In the Jazz world, the Jam Session is an integral part of the cultural experience.  With the Brooklyn Raga Massive Jam Session, we are attempting to bring that Jazz culture to Raga music. Indian Classical Music (Raga Music) is an improvisational art form, that historically has not cultivated the "jam session" format. But we believe the community of Indian Classical Musicians in Brooklyn can truly benefit from the networking and community building nature of the Jam Session format, while bringing the unique and exciting style of
Indian music to this growing audience.